..a passionate physicist, adventurous Scout, energetic musician and eager Wu Shu Kwan student.

Tell me more...

I love physics!

I dived into physics with a theoretical education at the University of Bern. Since a few years, I research collective effects of charged beam plasmas. Currently, I am a Senior Fellow in Accelerator Physics at CERN. See my ORCID records to learn more about my physics passion.

Since I am a kid I love programming...

In my research on beam dynamics, I develop numerical simulation software. High-performance-computing techniques such as GPU computing play a large role. Have a look at my GitHub profile. I especially like our group's PyHEADTAIL playground repository where I contribute some cool projects. They are exhibited in CERN's SWAN gallery on beam dynamics which I initiated.

Longitudinal phase space of hollowed particle distribution
WMAP image of Universe timeline

Master Thesis

On cosmic scales our Universe expands ‐ but does your bedroom expand with it? Albert Einstein's general relativity gave me answers.. Investigating the effect of global cosmological expansion on local dynamics, I found essentially two distinct behaviours: some physical systems such as atoms or our Solar System remain bounded, while gravitationally attracted intergalactic objects recede with the Hubble flow. (Think e.g. of galaxy groups at distances of 10 million light years and farther..)

Image credit: NASA/WMAP Science Team

Lamé potential energy bands

Bachelor Thesis

Supersymmetric quantum mechanics is an intriguing off-the-beaten-path technique to solve the quantised energy spectra of potentials. I am particularly interested in periodic systems ‐ and so I investigated the Lamé or ellipsoidal harmonic potentials as a highlight of this thesis. They feature energy band structures which can actually be expressed in semi-analytical form.

Find most of my published work in my ORCID records.

Scouting for Life

I entered the Scouts at the age of 7. It is here where I discovered my love for playing the guitar, exploring Nature, taking responsibility for myself and others, creating wonderful projects in supportive teamwork, and shaping ground-breaking international Scout collaborations.

A few highlights of my Scout life: 4 years of youth leadership in our city's local group Ata Ulf, team leading conductor in the ScoutingTrain 2014 adventure, organising a "quint-national" long-term programme called S-TEAM in 2015–2016 and establishing a Franco-German Scout organisation partnership with a youth leader exchange platform "XPRO" since 2017.

Since 2016 I share my passion for physics with the Swiss Silver Scouts in our yearly event, where I guide twenty to thirty participants from all across Switzerland through CERN and motivate our fundamental research.

Soul'd'Out in concert


Let me introduce you to my funk&soul band Soul'd'Out. Our groovy sessions pump me up, backing our amazing singer with my Nord Electro or with the Hammond X-5 and my Leslie P3300 is just too much fun! You find news such as our next concerts on our facebook page.

Kicking self-defence technique

Wu Shu Kwan

While some call it a style of Kung Fu, Wu Shu Kwan really is a distinguished martial art by itself. I draw so much energy and focus from our self-defence training. Exercising always feels like meeting family, no matter whether it's our local Wu Shu Kwan trainings at CERN with Dr. Androula Alekou or when we organise special sessions with inspiring instructors from the UK.

Image shows a kicking self-defence technique with Lucy (3rd Degree Black Belt), credit: Alex Sutter.

Work Address

CERN, Esplanade des Particules 1
CH-1217 Meyrin


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